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Nathalia Kaur Hot Pictures
Bollywood films are fast turning to item songs these days and the trend has now strengthened a lot. The viewers like seeing the item songs in the movies, which is why the leading ladies of the movies want to slip into the waves of item numbers. Continuing with the trend, every film now features one or two item songs, which are very carefully, delicately and specially designed. Above all, the central gals for these numbers are selected with care. In short, more focus is put on them than the movies themselves.

Well, now another filmmaker is all geared up to feature an item number in his upcoming movie. He is none other than Ram Gopal Verma whose films carry the oomph numbers always. This time around, Ramu has fetched in a Brazilian-Indian model Nathalia Kaur to do the item number for his movie, ‘Department’. This new hottie is super hot that Ram Gopal Verma is super thrilled and excited having her on the front.

The item song ‘Dan Dan’ would be a hot and peppy number that will reportedly eliminate the effects of Ram Gopal Verma’s previous song ‘Khallas’ (from the movie ‘Company).

Verma says that he has not seen the girl like Nathalia in last 10 years.It was learnt that previously Ramu approached Sunny Leone for this song but she refused since she was in contract with Vishesh Films’ Jism 2. Post Sunny’s denying the offer, Ramu zeroed in Brazilian-Indian model Nathalia Kaur for this item number. Well, Sunny’s loss, Nathalia’s gain. But Ram Gopal Verma denies approaching Sunny Leone for this song.
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