Poonam Pandey shows her topless Pictures

Poonam Pandey shows her topless Pictures
Poonam Pandey, who has been raising claims to throw away her clothes to appear fully naked since the days of the Cricket World Cup 2011 but did not go topless through she has been letting the masses see majority of her nude body, has eventually went topless.
Poonam Panedy, Kingfisher calendar model who was an ordinary model who no one knew before the world cup, came into limelight and turned to be a forced celebrity (forced in a sense that she has nothing to claim to be a celeb but turned a celebrity due to her skin show and topless claims) during the days of  ICC cricketing world cup last year. India won the cup but she did not strip naked before the team since she was not given the permission by BCCI and the authorities. Well, she succeeded in her efforts to hog the limelight.

Post world cup, she has been spicing up the fans with her bolder acts by going semi nude, showing nearly naked pictures on twitter and flaunting her nearly nude body under showers in visuals and the things like that. But the fans wanted to see her in birth suit, the demand was high as she herself had injected it into the masses. Thus to fulfill their demands, she eventually went topless and showed the people her nude pictures on twitter recently.

 She let the masses see her in nude by the time India won against Sri Lanka during the ongoing Tri-Series at Hobart.

Poonam, 20, conducted a survey on twitter where she asked her fans if they wanted to see her without bikini. Later Pandey posted her topless picture on the site giving it title that finally she showed her nude picture on public demand. She also thanked the people to love her much. She warned the people below 18 years of age not to see her nude picture.
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