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Another evolving new name in the Bollywood fraternity which is frequently hitting the charts lately is that of Maryam Zakaria. The new face has enough potential to have climbed the rough path of the industry to considerable heights in a very short time. Maryam is a Iran born lady having a Iranian – Swedish origin. The actress grew up in Sweden. Dance had been a continuous activity in the life of Maryam. She has deep rooted connection with the art of dancing. She even started a life of a choreographer while in Sweden and is known to eshtablish the first of its kind Bollywood Dancing School there. The school excelled in teaching Bollywood moves and steps. She named the school Indisk Dans Studio.

In 2009 Maryam moved to India to start with Bollywood and bagged some advertisement projects at first like Coke and Set Wet. She then associated with Tamil and Telegu movies. She mostly did Item Numbers which she is famous for. She first appeared in Nagaram which was a Tamil movie and directorial venture of Sundar C. Another famous item number in Mryam’s list is ‘Diyalo Diyala’ in the Telegu movie 100% Love. Her role as the lead female actress was seen in the movie Madatha Kaja in 2011.

Bollywood saw the first item number of Maryam in the song Dilli Ki Billi from the movie Sadda Adda of Muazzam Begh. Recently it’s in the news that Maryam will be performing alongside Kareena in the upcoming Kareena – Saif starrer Agent Vinod. It’s surely great work of Maryam that she has achieved the opportunity of appearing along with big names of Bollywood in the beginning of her bollywood career.
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