Has Dabangg 2 Been Not Sold to UTV for 140 crores

Has Dabangg 2 Been Sold to UTV for 140 crores?

There had indeed been such rumors that stated that the Salman Khan starrer sequel to ‘Dabangg’, i.e. ‘Dabangg 2’ has been sold for a whopping 140 crores. This would no doubt break every record that Bollywood had ever witnessed.

In fact, the UTV managers have clearly stated that they have not bought the rights to ‘Dabangg 2’ yet, and they therefore they obviously did not pay 140 crores for it. UTV has further announced that they are very open about their projects and films. They have no wish to hide their plans from the media. So had there been such a purchase, UTV would have declared it.

This news would no doubt come as a sudden shock and disappointment for a number of Salman Khan fans who had thought that Salman has managed to make a new record. Judging that ‘Dabangg’ itself was the film that did maximum business in 2010, the news about ‘Dabangg 2’ breaking a new record even before its release did not seem to unbelievable.

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