Bollywood New actress in Deepika Padukone’s role in Race 2

Race 2 has landed into bigger controversies since the day Deepika Padukone walked out of the project. The film got the bigger limelight at once post Deepika’s saying goodbye to the movie after she was approached by some Hollywood producer.Now when all seems to be settled down between the two parties and Deepika is considering returning to the film, Ramesh seems to be in some other mood.

The latest development in this issue is that Ramesh Taurani is in the mood of fetching in some other actress in Deepika’s role. Where the producer desperately wanted to have Deepika back on track and for this, he filed the complaint as well, he is now on way to zero in another actress in Padukone’s role.

The new actress who is being approached by Taurani is none other than Nargis Fakhri, the Rockstar fame British model, who has instantly obtained much popularity in Bollywood with the success of her debut film and her affair with Ranbir Kapoor.

On Friday afternoon, Nargis was seen in Ramesh’s office. Nargis was under the impression that Ramesh Taurani was starting some new project, for which he wanted to have on board. But the producer offered her Deepika’s role in Race 2. After listening the producer, Fakhri denied the offer and told Taurani that she was new in Bollywood so she could not afford any kind of controversy. Well, the film like Race 2, the mega project, could have pushed her to bigger heights but the wise actress took the wise decision.

Nargis can get many other big offers and she is getting the same as well after the success of Rockstar, thus refusing Race 2 would not be a loss for her.
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